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Happy Endings

We'll work on adding our archive of Happy Endings to this page as we transition to a new web server. In the meantime, please send us your happy ending! Email photos and news to

These are just a few of the many "Happy Endings" that pleased pet owners ( or in some cases, even pets themselves) have been kind enough to share with us. If you adopted a pet through the Humane Society of Skagit Valley and would like to share your happy ending, please email our webmaster with a photo of your pet, along with a story, at The subject of your email should read Happy Ending. You may also submit your happy ending story via snail mail to the street address listed under our banner. 

If your happy ending was previously listed on our website and is now missing, take heart! We value your stories, and we are working on getting the listings back on our page. If you would like your listing expedited, drop us a note (and maybe a fresh photo or two) and we'll make it a priority. 

Coal: a blessing

Hi Marnie, Erika, and Everyone  at HSSV!! Thank you all for helping me adopt coal!!! He's beautiful, cuddly, and he settled right in with us and our Shitzue Rocky, who we also adopted from your shelter 51/2 years ago. He has his own room and he enjoys laying on the bed or laying in his carrier on the bed. He has his favorite chair in the living room. He loves to cuddle on our laps and beside us! We are amazed at how good he is and how settled in he is already.  We've never had a cat bond this quickly and easy as Coal!!! We are so lucky , he is a miracle and  he definitely is a blessing. I've found him twice laying quietly with Rocky. I introduced him to Rocky saying, Rocky's Kitty" . He bonded too right away with Coal.  He already feels comfortable and loves his home! You All were so nice and wonderful. Thank you ever so much, Joni :)

Odie: dream dog

I'm attaching a photo of Odie (Otis) who we adopted just a year ago. He has become a beautiful and smart dog. He came to you as a stray, frightened, scruffy little guy.  I wish I knew his history, because I'm finding that someone, somewhere, sometime, must have taken very good care of him.  We learned that he already knew many obedience commands, walks beautifully on a leash, is a groomer's dream dog, and can almost put his walking harness on without help.  We're still working on cat chasing and greeting strangers, It's taken persistence and patience, but compared to where we were a year ago, I couldn't be happier with him. I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for letting us bring him into our family!

Ritchie: fitting right in!

We adopted Jet last week and he is already a irreplaceable part of the fam!  He sleeps all night in his crate happily, is potty trained, responds to his name (he call hi Richard Sherman after our fav Seahawks player..."Ritchie" for short) and our lab, Jefferey is teaching him the basics in fetch, laying by the fire, and car rides.  We were originally looking for a medium sized female, but the shelters are so full of chihuahuas!  We didn't think we were a "little dog family" but Ritchie fits right in!  Thanks so much!!!

George: love at first lick

I met George a few months before my Father passed away. I had just moved back here from Portland, after being away for over ten years. I was feeling lost and isolated living so far out in the country. I don’t know what pulled me to go to the Humane society that day, but when I did I walked the kennels to see all the dogs. As I walked looking at the names and stories of the different dogs, I came across him. “Casper” was the name that was given to him. He was the only dog who didn’t bark at me. He simply came up, smelled and licked my hand, and went back to lie down. It was love. After several
visits I took him home, yelling “Jail Break!” as he pulled me out the door directly to the car he knew was mine. We now live together on 22 acres of woods and marsh and walk together nearly every day. I was there for him when he needed me most, and he was there for me when I needed him most. 

Thank you for keeping him safe till I found him, Veronica

Maddy settles in

I want to write and thank you for Maddy (Daisy Mae).  We've only had her for 4 days and already, she has been perfect.  Not one mess.............yet.  Loves to play, but when she's had enough, she plops down wherever.  Kitchen, front room, bedroom, doesn't matter.  Attached is a picture I took of her in the kitchen laying on her toys after some strenuous play.  :-)  She's already following us around and gets excited when one of us comes home after being gone for awhile. We took her on Friday for her wellness exam with Dr. Anderson and she's in good health.  She DID have fleas, so got right on that and she's fine now.  We love her and you WON'T get her back any more.  :-)  Thanks again.  Jan

Spidercat makes a friend

"I lost my much loved cat about a year ago, and was finally ready to get another one.  I had seen Spidercat on the website, and went in to get to know him.  As I walked in, another cat in the entry was waving his paw at me, as if saying "Pick me!!"   I got acquainted with him, and they both went home with me.  They hissed and batted at each other the first day, but the second day I brought out the catnip, and now they are buddies, and so, so sweet!  I think we found the perfect fit." —Sandie

Pippin's first adoption didn't work out, but we guess that's just because he was waiting for a better fit! Finally, his forever home is here. We loved getting this update via our Facebook page:

"Pippin has made such a great debut in our family! He fell in love with our chihuahua and our 14 year old son. His personality is perfect for us and we are so in love. Our springer spaniel is taking a little longer to accept him but she seems willing to try.Thank you so much for helping us find our new best friend. Our son is so happy and he is adjusting so well. We are so blessed to have him in our home now!!"

Thanks for giving this kitty a really special home! 

Spencer the brindle pitbull went home with his adopter Olatunde several weeks ago, and boy, were we glad! No one deserves a loving home more than this big guy. Just this week, the happy pair stopped by again to say hi and visit Spencer's old shelter friends! It sounds like things are going very well for Spencer and Olatunde at home.

Keisha: a perfect fit

Keisha the mature cattle dog mix was adopted last week, and the smiles on Keisha's, Hilary's, and Skyler's faces say it all! We believe that this family is PERFECT together. We wish them all the best.

Sid the Wonderdog brought lots of joy into our lives while he was at the HSSV adoption center. With his big grin and great tricks, we were sure he was going to make someone very happy. Well, we heard from his adopter and he is indeed working out as a one-in-a-million dog! He's in training to become a search and rescue canine, which we're sure he'll love. We just knew he was ready to take it up a notch beyond "sit," "shake," and "roll over!"

Congratulations to this happy duo.

Lifelong dog lover Annie was in search of someone special: after losing the last in a succession of wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terriers, the 90 year-old South Whidbey resident decided she needed a calm, smaller companion. Annie's family contacted their friend Marnie, one of our staff members, and Marnie was able to recommend a sweet chihuahua mix. Marnie took this little girl to Annie's home and it was a great fit! Here are Annie and Grania(formerly Nyla), just a few days after the successful adoption.

Congratulations to Mattie's new owner! Our beautiful corgi went to a great new home, and we're grateful to the adopter for putting the adoption fee towards kennelmate Dinky's medical costs. 

Congratulations to Aqua!

Aqua found a wonderful new family at the Wags & Whiskers event in Lynnwood! 

A big thank you to Northpointe Animal Hospital for putting on the event, and an even bigger one to Aqua's new family which opened their home and hearts to this deserving dog! We had other good adoption news today, too . . . stay tuned for further updates.

Tanner, a spoiled gentleman! 

 Hello, We have a very happy ending for Ollie, who is now named Tanner. We sadly lost our beloved Golden Retriever Sammy. It was very sudden and unexpected. We pondered getting another dog, and waited a couple months.  Luckily we found Tanner at the Skagit Humane Society. He is sweet as sweet can ever be, patient, handsome, easy going and so well behaved. We also have a 13 yr. old dog, her name is Maggie. She misses took some time to pass before she took to Tanner, but she loves him and they are best buddies. Tanner is such the gentleman though, he lets her be the boss, and lets her have her way all the time and doesn't even bat an eye at it. He is loved, spoiled, and very dear to us.  Tanner has his forever HOME.  

Thank you!!!

Darlin, Rhonda and Tanner

Delilah: such a sweetheart! 

As I had promised I am sending a few pictures of delilah's new owner and home! She is such a sweetheart. VERY unique as well. She has a best friend name Chula (a mini chihuahua) and Lily, another cat. They all get along extremely well and both the kids love Delilah very much! Here are a few pictures of her at her new home.

She has really attached to my son who is special needs and her favorite spot to sleep is under his bed (sometimes in it with him) making sure he sleeps well. She wanted to partake in helping the kids open presents as well. It was fun!

Again, thank you :-) 

Brittany H.

Cally: what I taught my humans, and in only two weeks!

While I am very well trained in sitting and lying down, shaking hands, fetching pretty much any object thrown, staying (even when I REALLY don't want to), and coming when called, I still enjoy charming activities that only a dog can do well. I steal treats from my blind dog brother, Rainer, and would keep all the toys in my mouth if I could. My mothers have also learned that it's good they do so much work from home, because on looong days alone (you know, 4 or 5 hours) I'm known to chew on and shred things that don't belong to me. They don't seem to mind much though; I think they understand that really EVERYTHING belongs to me.
I start my day off walking with my mother in the park. I play ball with her, and hope she doesn't feel too bad when I ditch the game to play chase and tackle with other young dogs who come along. My brother's okay, but with the blind thing he sometimes has trouble finding me.

I like it on the weekends when we all take really long hikes, even better when Mom takes me jogging. Best of all though are the regular belly rubs, especially when I'm on the furniture with my

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for taking such good care of me, especially Chelsea who made sure my new family didn't leave without me. Without all the love and attention you gave me I wouldn't be able to love my new family quite the way I do. With a little work, they are becoming very well behaved themselves.


Scout: runs like a deer

Sprinkles, now known as Scout, had a very successful leg amputation and now runs like a deer. She's in a great new home, with a new kitty friend! Thank you to foster mom Karla for keeping her during her rehabilitation.